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What’s this site all about?

Fantastic HR reaches much further into people’s lives than may at first be apparent. I wanted to read an HR blogzine with a creative, philosophical edge, and an international flavour. There wasn’t one. So I decided to make HR Waterfall.

Here’s my big belief: If you work in the HR, People and Culture arena, you have the ability to shape how our future turns out. Because the HR industry has enormous potential to be a spectacular influence on our society. So HR deserves a better brand, and I believe we’ll earn it. But in order to get there, we’ll need to embrace the unknown and lose the corporate forcefield. 

I’ve taken my blinkers off, by exploring the world and talking to people about human concerns that intertwine with how we do our work. I want to share with you my passion for creative communication and skill-building, by inspiring you about the possibilities you have right now. HR Waterfall’s ethos reflects my style of doing business: that we can, and must, give people coming into our businesses more good stuff from life than they expect to find.


Who’s behind HR Waterfall?

I’m Martin Green, I’m glad we’ve found each other. The world can often feel pretty anonymous, can’t it? I’m not a big media company, I’m a real person, doing things a little differently. Based near Leeds (UK), I sense a big bold future for HR.


What’s my goal?

I’ll carry on until I inspire two hundred thousand people professionals and leaders to positively evolve how we design and run our workplaces. And then I’ll carry on some more.

This is what I see. We’re heading for a new equilibrium, where opportunity and confusion react to release an altogether new compound into the air. And breathing this in will change our culture – in some ways it already has. Nobody knows with certainty what the future will look like, but I’m here to push the HR ship out beyond its current horizon.


Are you sure you know what you’re talking about? What have you done before?

I joined ACAS just before the recession hit, and in those four years I gained half a lifetime of direct workplace insights from both sides of the table. Since then I’ve worked with companies huge and small, across sectors spanning Retail/FMCG to Financial Services. Awaiting publication is my debut novel, spanning eight European countries, about two people’s fight to find their purpose in the world, focussing on themes that plonk themselves directly into the world’s workplaces. I have a degree in Law and Neuroscience, however I’m a firm believer in the power of self-education.


Who I’m looking for

HR Waterfall gives a big nod towards future-mad people professionals and leaders. We exist for the dreamers who get things done to improve our world.

Throughout the planet, I’m seeking inspired HR people and inspiring leaders. People who have a desire in them that’s making them itch. People who don’t roll over when things get hard.

I’d particularly like to meet with:

  • People who’re hungry to do things enormously better, and aren’t put off by the risk barrier
  • Companies who know the industrial age is over and want to (for real) move their people relationships well into the future
  • Voices within companies who want to be the inspirers of our future, who want their people story to evolve


Become part of the story: How you can join the conversation

You’ve got this far, so it’s likely that we share some common purpose, that something here sounds good to you. Then what now? If you like, get in touch with me personally on LinkedIn, Twitter (@hrwaterfall), or directly using the contact form below. Maybe you’ll tell me what you feel, what you see, or what you want. Who knows what’ll happen… just don’t be afraid to take a new step. Welcome to HRWaterfall.com.



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