Embrace Massive Creativity at Work – VLOG #9

In this episode of the vlog I take you on a whirlwind ride through the streets of Budapest, pausing along the way to reflect on putting our creativity into action at work. Putting creativity into action requires a bold step beyond the self-conscious norms of yesterday. You’re not last year’s cereal packet, you’re tomorrow’s employers. Giving your people something to be curious and excited about is the experimental priority for evolved people professionals. Employees in your organisation want to experience creativity, which involves seeing others being creative around them.

In late July 2017, Budapest climbed to the top of NomadList, making it one of the most desirable cities on the planet for the new-world workforce. As an employer trying to attract people to work for you, this is the kind of stimulation you’re up against. Now is the crucial time to assess how the employee experience you offer measures up. Do subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos.



Big thanks to the following collaborators:

– Andy A for filming street scenes of Martin in Budapest

– Darek & Giulia from Travelling Sunglasses (travellingsunglasses.blogspot.co.uk) for providing drone footage of Budapest


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