The Existential Workplace Crisis

Some see the future as a battle. Intellect wars. The lower employee attention risk. A drought of convincing leaders. New work payment currencies.

Personally, I can’t wait.

We’ve now entered what I call the existential workplace crisis – the biggest shift in the way we work for nearly 160 years.


“HR’s potential is limitless… right now we’re at 10%”


Reinventing Work

It’s clear in my mind how the HR people of the future will have to be, more than ever, mega-skilled in cohesion in order to be the inspirers of everyone. And this is achievable. Because HR’s potential is limitless, and right now we’re at 10% of what HR could advance to in the coming years. HR Waterfall is a blog committed to closing that percentage gap.


Upcoming HR greats stepping into the time in front of us will be the veritable miracle workers of our new work age. There is an essential need for inspirers in our workplaces going forward. And there’s a huge shortage of people ready to fit the bill. But imagine them, the ones who can and will… The ones who succeed will go through life endlessly outside their comfort zones to achieve the ultimate business deliverable: something to believe in.


“We’re being asked by the world to do something almightily new”


Yes, the HR minds of the future will be a unique compound of surgeon and philosopher. They may or may not continue to wear business dress. Instead they may self-select a startling uniform of red – the red cotton boiler suit splattered with oil paint. It’ll never happen, you retort. And yes, maybe you’re right. Although I have to consider the only inescapable fact: the current approach isn’t working.


“The HR minds of the future will be a unique compound of surgeon and philosopher”


HR’s Bull Run

What’s already here is a workplace shift ready to whizz us ahead for the next few decades. Imagine a huge stock market crash, “sheesh, the paper value of my assets has halved!” Yes, it’s like that, but in reverse… upwards, once the movement is released. Let’s call it HR’s long overdue rocket of a bull run. This will benefit businesses because it will benefit the people within the business. Relics of mindset hangovers from the Industrial Revolution will dissolve – the upsurge will extinct them so fast. We’re entering the adjustment phase. That’s why I already have my eye on an abandoned mill to turn into a museum where businesses can curiously exhibit their “overbearing managers of yesteryear 2016”, lips up-curled in disgust at the productivity percentages as the museum’s curator preserves them into cryogenic sleep.


“You have to be futuristic to be up to date in HR. Because nothing current is up to date in HR”


Ramping Up for the Bold HR Minds of Tomorrow

The lives that employees will tolerate have already taken a massive inner shift. People are deserting companies for avoidable reasons. And while in the short term this may seem a great way to naturally avoid forced downsizing, this curve is likely to overtake and bite businesses as the labour market becomes much more self-aware. You have to be futuristic to be up to date in HR. Because nothing current is up to date in HR. That’s it in at-gunpoint parenthesis. The talent war of the upcoming future will become an evermore emotional one, where someone neatly accepting a job offer from a non-future-proofed business will not be the simple transaction it once was.


“A breed of HR people ready to run downhill into our off-piste future”


Get Ready…

The ascent into the future of HR, I feel, will be very very dynamic, using skills that we may right now fear or have not have dreamed of. I guarantee that being bold will be an uncomfortable thing to do. That’s why the HR moment we’re in now is so stunning. We’re being asked by the world to do something almightily new. The goal: a fully-built working-business future that explodes with brightness and possibility – a place that people want to flow into for self development and inspiration.

Welcome to HR Waterfall, the blog for a breed of HR people ready to run their minds downhill into our off-piste future. HR has a huge lot to be excited about. You’re alive at exactly the right time to make a defining difference, and in me you’ve found your confidant and co-conspirator.

You don’t need to stagger into the future, together we can jump.



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