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Yes, I’m challenging You to read 2 of these books per month!

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These books, rigorously screened and carefully chosen by HRWaterfall.com, will make you a hugely more EFFECTIVE, impactful and SMART People Professional.


So here you are: a special, HAND-PICKED BLEND of fiction and non-fiction ready to EXPLODE your world.

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Top 45 BOOKS


Michael Foley – The Age of Absurdity: Why Modern Life Makes It Hard To Be Happy

Theme/Lessons: Understanding life’s background situation.


William Boyd – Any Human Heart

Theme/Lessons: 3rd class degree? No problem. Interesting life ahead.


Robin Kermode – Speak So Your Audience Will Listen: 7 Steps to Confident and Successful Public Speaking

Theme/Lessons: Clenching your bum cheeks makes you a better speaker!


Ricardo Semler – Maverick!

Theme/Lessons: Fire useless executives fast. Build massive organisational democracy.


Darren Hardy – The Compound Effect

Theme/Lessons: Good habits compounded perform small recurring miracles.


Charles Handy – The Empty Raincoat

Theme/Lessons: We must build a road together, out of organisational hollowness.


Albert Camus – The Myth of Sisyphus

Theme/Lessons: Experiencing progress is important.


Jacob Morgan – The Employee Experience Advantage

Theme/Lessons: Success = treat your people really well for the long term.


Boo Hoo: a dot.com story from concept to catastrophe

Theme/Lessons: The roller coaster ride of building a company and hiring at breakneck speed.


Jia Jiang – Rejection Proof

Theme/Lessons: Learning to love the opportunities rejection throws up.


Vincent Van Gogh – The Letters

Theme/Lessons: Knowing yourself.


Erich Fromm – The Fear of Freedom

Theme/Lessons: Splash into the psychological relationship between fear and personal liberty.


Rob Yeung – The Extra One Per Cent

Theme/Lessons: Progress in tiny increments still wins.


Anita Roddick – Business As Unusual

Theme/Lessons: Stick your neck out and be bold.


Seth Godin – Purple Cow

Theme/Lessons: Distinguish your organisation beyond the comfort limit. Normal is invisible.


Daniel Goleman – Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

Theme/Lessons: Mastering the emotional conflicts thrown up by our society. Understand your amygdala!


Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist

Theme/Lessons: Pursuing a meaningful destiny.


Nicolas Bouvier – The Way of The World

Theme/Lessons: Why people need adventure to nourish them.


John Hegarty – On Creativity

Theme/Lessons: Do your rules teach you anything new?


Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People

Theme/Lessons: Classic mind games for doing good. Read again.


Alain De Botton – Status Anxiety

Theme/Lessons: Objectify your world (what you think people think of you). Exquisite coverage of bohemia as a solution.


Kevin Murray – The Language of Leaders

Theme/Lessons: Leadership communication assistance from the world’s top CEOs.





JG Ballard – High Rise

Theme/Lessons: Rigid hierarchy ends badly.


Oren Klaff – Pitch Anything

Theme/Lessons: You’re the prize!


Robert Leach – The Investor’s Guide to Understanding Accounts

Theme/Lessons: How to really read a balance sheet.


Kegan and Lahey – Everyone Culture

Theme/Lessons: Growth for everyone, because your talent is everyone.


Jeffrey Gitomer – The Sales Bible

Theme/Lessons: Handy resource to develop your sales skills.


Will Kintish – Business Networking The Survival Guide

Theme/Lessons: Network like a pro by learning to artfully step around a room.


Fernando Pessoa – The Book of Disquiet

Theme/Lessons: Because we’re all swimming our way through life.


Oliver James – Affluenza

Theme/Lessons: What’s really wrong with us.


Abib-Pech – Leadership (FT Guides)

Theme/Lessons: Practical advice for your evolution as a leader.


Alain De Botton – The Consolations of Philosophy

Theme/Lessons: Imperfection is human and natural.


Jim Haudan – The Art of Engagement

Theme/Lessons: Visual is powerful, the slipstream to somewhere better.


Gogol – Diary of a Madman

Theme/Lessons: Pushing people to the edge with monotony.


Stephen Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Theme/Lessons: Getting things done properly.


James Reed – Why You? 101 Interview Questions You’ll Never Fear Again

Theme/Lessons: Understand what they’re really asking about you, or you about them.


John M. Hull – On Sight and Insight

Theme/Lessons: Full force insight into the world of blindness.


Rilke – Letters to a Young Poet

Theme/Lessons: Generous and inspirational mentorship.


JD Salinger – The Catcher in The Rye

Theme/Lessons: Avoid being a phoney.


Albert Camus – The Outsider

Theme/Lessons: Get to know people deeply.


Carl R. Rogers – A Therapist’s View of Psychotherapy: On Becoming a Person

Theme/Lessons: Never will you recruit badly again. This is a winner for developing your empathetic eye.


Bohumil Hrabal – Too loud a Solitude

Theme/Lessons: Achingly beautiful account of someone integrating their life of the mind with their job.


Desmond Morris – The Human Zoo

Theme/Lessons: Possibly the best book about people in existence.


Thomas Wolfe – Of Time and the River

Theme/Lessons: You’re an energetic, passionate part of the world, and never forget it.


Milan Kundera – The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Theme/Lessons: Through the window of the human palette.



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