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A business that’s increasingly profitable, and that people love working in. It’s what we all want, right? So let’s build it together. In addition to my passion, here’s what I specifically offer to make your enterprise more relevant and valuable:


People and Culture Strategy

For organisations I offer a discussion session around your people culture. I’ll carefully listen to you, and assess problem areas and solutions using the insights I’ve gathered working across the people industry for many years. I provide a range of strategic services, from a full people and culture strategy, to a mini-strategy addressing one or two areas you’re particularly concerned about.

As someone from outside, I come in and get to know your business before identifying ways to add lasting clarity and energy to your culture. Your culture is your business, so investing in improving your culture means you’re investing in better business results. I’ll demonstrate how.

By starting a conversation with me, you can move towards becoming a more meaning-driven, inspirational, confident organisation capable of evolving through any challenges the world throws at you. Let’s talk about how we can get you there.


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Your Creative Sounding Board / Innovation Adviser

77% of CEOs surveyed in 2017 said they find it difficult to find the innovation and creativity skills they need in their organisation.

By partnering with me, an instant injection of creativity and innovation for your business is just a phone call away.

I’ve advised many many thousands of employers at ACAS, throughout the economic crisis, so can give you rare insights into the upside and downside of various change strategies, and will be the honest sounding board for your ideas that your internal people can’t be. I’ve seen what can happen to enterprises that embrace innovation, change, and creativity; plus I’ve seen what can happen to those that don’t.

I’ll use my cross-sector expertise to help you generate fresh ideas, approaches and styles. If you’ve reached a impasse and are unsure where to go next, I’m the polymath ready to help you move forward and create excitement visually, emotionally, and strategically. By testing out your ideas privately first, with me as your sounding board, you immediately increase the probability of successfully hitting the mark once you release a new idea to your existing and new audiences. This saves you both time and stress, and provides your organisation with that added layer of clarity and smoothness.

This arrangement tends to work best through a monthly retainer. We would normally schedule to meet in person once or twice each month, while you also have the ongoing certainty that I’m available for you by phone at any time throughout each month to discuss your ideas and assist with suggestions and solutions.

Think you’ve reached the time that you need a fearless, impartial mind, whose priorities aren’t muddled by internal politics? Are you missing a holistic perspective internally? Someone agile, with an open view across different media? I can help you develop and optimise your vision for your projects, to mitigate the risk that your employees won’t like it or connect with it.

Just a few examples of things we might discuss are: the challenge of building a culture that appeals to a multi-generational workforce (including but not limited to the connected generation), sustaining a winning employer brand, recruitment concerns, office atmosphere, change management, inspiring people with purpose, improving internal training, cost saving, creating more emotional connection.


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Organisational Storytelling

What the market proves every day is that writing skills are critical in both attracting customers and enabling your people to feel more fulfilled at work. I help businesses, organisations, and individuals find and deliver their unique, true voice. I write for people, with people, and about people.

What’s your organisation’s story? Is it working powerfully enough for you? Both potential and existing employees now want to be captivated by an employer’s story like never before. I can help you become more surprising and relevant to the world, connect with the people you want to reach, and build up a more expressive energy for what you do. I specialise in people-focussed content writing and copywriting. My words will set your business up to throb at a new level of depth and purpose, so people will notice you, so that they’ll read you twice.

Using magnetic talent attraction writing, I can help you boost the response to your job adverts, meaning you can recruit more cheaply, quickly and efficiently both now and in the future.

Does your organisation have an inspirational leadership blog? Do your leadership team struggle to convey their passion through daily internal communications? I can help solve the relationship problems that communication voids like these are causing for you. Perhaps your organisational philosophy has dampened, or lost its immediate relevance. With words, I’ll help you get freshly realigned and recharged with the foundation and spark of your vision, and with exactly why you do what you do. Getting this right and reinforcing your organisation’s purpose continuously is crucial because, according to Gallup, 92% of employees are disengaged at work. With my help you can evolve your organisational vision to a new atomic level.


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“I help enterprises find and evolve their voice. Together we build the meaning that distinguishes you as an exceptional organisation to work for and do business with.”

(Martin Green)




I speak around key people philosophy-led themes, tailored for your particular audience. A few examples of my speaking topics are:

  • The new world of work: Who has the advantage?
  • Creating beauty in your organisational culture
  • Arriving at clarity through failure and rejection: Doubling your rejection threshold
  • New workplace growth currencies
  • What I’ve learned from my journey so far, including working at ACAS throughout the economic crisis
  • Approaching HR and people work like a novelist
  • Financial well-being and emotional intelligence: For employers, giving is the game to win
  • The three types of employers in the world of work right now
  • Why the connected generation wants to change the world
  • We need more leaders: How to become an awesome energy donor
  • Following your own path in life: Why it’s so great that careers and education are no longer linear


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